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in virginia. this is on the heels of a new admission from mitt romney about his controversial 47% remark. it's friday, october 5. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras. you can feel a change in their air. >> a great friday. let's check out the weather headlines and we will tell you the highlights. it's going to be a gorgeous friday with lots of sunshine temperatures well above average in the '80s. big changes on the way for the weekend. a strong cold front approaching. that will put rainfall in the forecast. a big cooldown before the weekend is done. 64 degrees right now reagan national, 54 at dulles. we will be warming up into the '70s by noon. by 5:00, mostly sunny and warm 80 degrees. get outside and enjoy the beautiful day. now to angela with traffic. >> good morning. happy friday. we are hoping for a very nice commute to start the weekend. so far so good in springfield. getting through the interchange you should not have any trouble. northbound and southbound 395 getting through alexandria looking fine. glebe road is closed between route 1 a
could use my middle name. >> the president's middle name is hussein. mitt romney's money made running mate and him will be campaigning in florida today. we cannot hear a abc 7 at 9:00 an interview with the first lady. afternoon, she will be in wisconsin. >> bridge to oppose a senate candidates will be in north vote today after facing off in the final debate. tim kaine and george allen clashed over pending dispensed cuts tax policy and the need for bipartisanship and the senate. polls shows kaine with a narrow lead. >> today is the last day that d.c. residents can register to vote. that is that one judiciary square on fourth street nw. sweet 250 -- suite 250 north. >> and much colder winter could be on the way. >> let's take a morning to ellen in the office room. >> good morning. are you sick of its automated telemarketing calls to your house or cell phone? these calls are not only illegal but they are annoying. the federal trade commission wants your help. they are holding a contest to bring ideas to the table on how to stop them. you can go to challenge.gove. the price is $50,000 as
stuart. mitt romney will speak at a foundation dinner in the big apple. we will get more details on their schedule from tahman bradley. >> with less than three weeks until election day, the presidential contenders have intensified their efforts to court and decided women voters. >> my mom was a single mom. >> a single mom doesn't know whether they will be able tfootto put food on the table. >> mitt romney has narrowed the gap. mr. obama yesterday touted the equal pay measures signed into law and attacked his republican rival for not supporting it. >> a young woman graduates and should get equal pay for equal work. that should be a simple question to answer. when governor romney was asked about it his campaign said we will get back to you. >> romney says women have suffered under president obama and he will do more to help them. >> there are 3.6 million more women in poverty today than when the president took office. this president has failed american women. >> under fire from democrats but for pledging to end planned parenthood, he's taking to the airways. >> romney does not oppo
. >> the presidential candidates remain on the campaign trail this week. mitt romney back in virginia, speech atill give a the virginia military institute. >> president obama making more california including francisco. >> we have some work to do. got an election to win. >> president obama held a star- in southernraiser california that included a list such as george clooney, he poked fun at his less than stellar debate performance last week. >> everybody here are great friends and incredible professionals. they perform flawlessly night after night. e same.t always say th [laughter] >> republican candidate mitt theey rally supporters in critical state of florida on sunday. warned that a second term for obama would lead to ruin thatf economic crushes the american dream. >> we will hold to that sort high on november 6. the world will see we are .erious >> while mr. obama continues to romney, summonses money will win the election -- that policy matters and not money will win the election. >> president santos joe biden getting stronger than the policies they put in place. mitt romney will say elected
continues pouring in following the first betweential debate president obama and mitt romney. >> been debated issues including e and how to jump- start the economy. has more from denver. >> the first presidential debate with a handshake and a smile. then it quickly focused on the economy. >> 5 million jobs in the private sector created. automobile industry has come .oaring back and housing has begun to rise. >> i know what it takes to get again, toness going hire people. >> romney was aggressive, but the 47% hasabout toll on his campaign. the president never brought up comments and romney tried to move past them. >> under the president's incomees, middle- .mericans have been buried i will not under any circumstances raise taxes on families.ome >> the president said that cannot keep his goal of taxes and not add to the hurting theout middle class. >> now, five weeks before the election, if he says his idea is never mind. >> other topics included medicare reform. while there was not a knockout punch from either side, some feel the president may have been relax. >> he seemed he was a little deta
the presidential race and how it's forcing romney and obama to ch anncr: it's s said that character is what we do... when we think no one is looking. mitt romney: believe thatt they are victims. anncr: mitt romney thought no one was looking when... he attacked forty-seven percent of americans. his companies shipped jobs overseas. his plan cuts millionaires' taxes, but raises yours. he'll voucherize medicare... and make catastrophic cuts to education. so remember what romney said... and what his plan would do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. >> and is taking a toll on a lot of new york city buildings. >> the facade of this building in lower manhattan fell off and you can see right into the apartments. it looks like almost something from a bizarre art display. that's what has happened. no one injured. but you can imagine the belongings are destroyed. >> partial grain collapse led to a tense situation in midtown manhattan. high winds caused a crane on top of what will be the city's tallest residential building to snap. you can see it dangling precari
, whether its iran, you have been all over the .ap >> president obama and mitt romney tackling foreign-policy debate.heir final two weeks until the election. they will retu to the campaign trail today. good morning, washington. tuesday, october 23. i am steve chenevey. >> i am natasha barrett. let's get straight to meteorologist jacqui jeras. warm temperatures yesterday, 73 degrees. today, we will top that. we have a few clouds this morning with mild temperatures, national, 53 at dulles, 46 in frederick, 54 in winchester. have a south wind today with mid-level and high level clouds. sunny today with a high temperature of 75-80 degrees. interesting things by the weekend. we will detailed added a few minutes. first, traffic would jamee whitten. >> it is quiet. not much to tell you about. this is when we watch construction wrapping up. have in tysons on the beltway. 66, no problems. 395, there's some road work. travel lanes are open in arlington. here we are near glebe road. the maryland beltway, they have busy overnight, over the branch, between new ,ampshire avenue and university been p
nominee mitt romney. a new washington post poll is tight race nationally, but the president a larger lead in swing states. 49% of likely voters would vote for president obama if the election took place today. 47% would vote for romney. in the swing states, 52 percent voters sided with the while 41% supported romney. president obama is in a las of henderson where for wednesday's debate in denver. romney plans to hold a rally in today. celebrating the start of the a new facebookh giveaway. be giving you the chance to tickets to cox farms festival and four fields of tickets. will announce a winner each the 6:00week during a.m. hour of "good morning washington." go to our facebook page. let's check in with jacqui jeras. >> dealing with a foggy start. really seeing a blanket over the areaportion of the marylandy in western and northern virginia. where we have a dense fog until 10:00. visibility could drop below a times. mile at you really need below beans. give yourself extra time to get to your destination. you really need to use low beemams. patchy fog reported in gaithersburg. in the distri
nominees. president obama and mitt romney preparing to face off for their second debate at 9:00 right here on abc 7. good morning, washington. it's tuesday, october 16. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> kind of a chilly start compared with yesterday. 10 degrees colder than this time yesterday morning. but it's going to be really great day. starting out with 54 at reagan national, 50 at dulles, 52 in manassas. the rainfall yesterday amounted to about a 10th of an inch to a quarter inch. a third of an inch in gaithersburg and a quarter inch at dulles airport. no rain in the forecast today. nothing but sunshine. 52 and mostly sunny at 9:00, 62 and sunny skies at noon and 66 degrees and mostly sunny at 5:00. let's check on traffic with angela foster. >> we are very nicely for this tuesday morning drive. an excellent start. only dodging traffic cones. no accidents to report so far this morning. traveling around the beltway in maryland and virginia, in maryland, a live look at montgomery county at connecticut avenue, no work zones. the left l
around. the presidential nominees came out swinging during the second round of their debate. mitt romney will be making a stop in northern virginia. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, october 17. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. we will get straight to meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> we have a beautiful start. it is chilly. starting with mostly clear conditions. looking at temperatures, 49 at reagan national. at dulles, 39 degrees. 39 in gaithersburg and manassas. 37 in winchester. pretty dry. that's good. the express forecast, mostly sunny, 51 degrees by 9:00, 62 degrees by noon. partly cloudy and pleasant highs near 70. we will talk more about the changes with rainfall expected tomorrow coming up. first, traffic with angela. >> good morning. looking at overnight construction. on the beltway in virginia. in springfield, moving quite well despite the work zone on the inner loop which may slow you down briefly. at braddock, stay to the left. and at leesburg pike, two left lanes closed. in montgomery county on the beltway, 190, looking good. all through montgomery county l
in florida today and romney in north carolina. there's a new nbc wall street journal poll which shows romney made gains in the swing states of virginia, florida, and ohio. the largest in virginia, where now he's ahead of the president. now more from brandi hitt. >> the second round belongs to the running mates. >> i feel good about it. >> paul ryan and vice president joe biden say they are ready to go toe to toe in danville, kentucky. >> i have been studying his positions. >> and there is a critical time in the campaign. >> i've been in business 25 years. i have no idea what you are talking about. >> last week mitt romney dominated in his first debate against president obama. the president even admitted he had a bad night. >> your supporters have been saying you did not show up. >> there's no doubt i can make a better case, which is why i so look forward to tuesday. >> is it possible you gave up your reelection that night. >> no. >> we cannot afford another series of budget deficits of roughly $1 trillion per year. this is not just bad for the economy. it's bad for jobs. >> brandi hitt, abc
scheduled to speak at ohio state university. mitt romney will make stops in ohio and iowa. a poll shows romney is now leading the president 49%. most people thought that romney did a better job in last week's debate. turning to business news, black friday bargains might not give you much to celebrate. >> politicians are not the only ones putting their spin on the election. linda bell has more. >> watch for election stunt this year from some big businesses. pizza hut today announcing plans to give free pizza for life to who would ask president obama or mitt romney at what type of pizza papethey prefer. companies are doing what they can to get consumers' attention. stock-index futures indicating a lower open. alcoa will have quarterly results today. black friday is not the best day for a bargain. the best time to buy uggs in september or october, and the same for popular toys. some appliances get cheaper close to christmas. the cheapest time to buy a watch is in march. if you want to save money on your dental bill, don't kiss your dog. that in my next report. live at bloomberg headquarter
obama and gop romney face off at the university of denver. good morning, washington. wednesday, october 3. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. let's go to jacqui jeras to find happening outside. fog will be a big issue for the morning. let's show you the visibility. poor in many areas. a half mile at reagan national. at hagerstown, 0.3, and the same at dulles. the same in cumberland as well. and temperatures this morning. some 70's on the map. 70 in d.c., 64 in dallas. -- dulles. we could get a little sunshine afternoon. temperatures will get into the we will have big changes for the weekend. how traffic is moving, with angela. >> slow going all around the capital area. fog will be the big issue this morning. plan for a slow drive. give you an example, this is view of springfield, the springfield interchange. see any traffic flowing. the dense fog will slow things down this morning. have a couple work from the springfield interchange, inner loop towards 644, two right lanes are still closed. use caution through the works .wns in maryland, there is heavy fog. reports
and both candidates preparing. obama practicing in just outsidemney denver. monday, mitt romney told voters thinks the debates will be than justthing bigger appears to emerge as the winner. the president's advisers are on trimming his lengthy alm anations and look c romney.y criticism from >> now linda bell joins us from t bloomberg. >> we have heard from a a bunch retailers laying out their holiday plans. there has been an increase in t emp hiring by as much as 5% this year. it's more than 238,000 jobs that need to be filled. macy's has announced it plans to hire 80,000 seasonal associates this year. up 2.5% since last year. theite the optimism, retail federation is on how cautious outlook much consumers plan to spend. retailers are entering their amid thertant season election, gridlock washington, and changes in spending and taxes. they project holiday sales to about 4.1%. at&t is cutting prices to keep prepaid carriers such as metro pc asked. atw, that's business news bloomberg headquarters. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 63 degrees. >> much more to come.
responsibility. they pay more effective tax and governor romney pays in its federal income taxes. >> nam le went after obama for his response to the u.s. consulate attack in libya. >> it took the president two weeks to acknowledge this was a terrorist attack. -- ryan went after obama. >> joe biden often laughed at ryan's arguments >> . joe biden understood he had to go out there and do what president obama failed to do last week. >> i thought joe biden was great to night. i cannot be prouder of him. >> i think the vice president knows that sometimes the words don't come out the right way. [laughter] >> but i always say what i mean. >> the next big debate is next tuesday when president obama and mitt romney will square off for the second round in new york. brandi hitt, abc news, ky. >> vice-president joe biden stirred up debate when he laughed and smiled several times during his face-off with ryan. two to accounts or prompted by this. >> talented mitt romney remains on the campaign trail with a stop in richmond later this morning. >> we have some news that may put a chill on your plans to eat ice
and mitt romney will face off at lynn university in boca raton, florida. >> the focus will be foreign policy. brandi hitt has a preview. >> it is their third and final showdown. tonight's presidential debate in florida is focused on for policy, a topic that has already drawn fire works. >> it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror. to get the transcript. >> he did in fact. >> they will go at it again over the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. iran will also be a high topic after it was reported the u.s. and iran have agreed to one-on- one talks. >>the white house quickly denied the but there's a meeting set but says it's open to one-on-one talks. president obama has been preparing for the debate at camp david. and mitt romney in florida where he gave this advice during a football game. corrects figure out which of their players is best chance to take him out early. >> one poll shows the president with a lead. and another poll shows it is a dead heat. instead of circling each other attended -- the candidates will be sitting. abc news, f
to the republican ticket, mitt romney and paul ryan attending a rally in iowa today. paul ryan will also campaign in alabama. ann romney campaigning in virginia beach, with an expert and richmond. arizona senator john mccain stumping for romney in woodbridge and in fairfax. >> jim moran speaking out about the criminal probe into his son's actions. arlington police launched an investigation after a conservative group released an undercover video of patrick moran allegedly giving a plan to commit the voter fraud. he doespatrick resigned from the campaign. >> there's a new report revealing where wealthy singles are located in the d.c. area. >> and what wall street is watching today. linda bell has more from bloomberg in new york. >> we're watching apple. stock-index futures indicating a lower open. dropping 100 points for the dow jones. apple is spending more to refresh its product line to keep up with samsung. apple sold your ipads in the than what analysts predicted, mainly because customers were waiting for the ipad mini. the pentagon may be able to help out apple's business. it plans to open its
of documents to the wiki wepbsite. >> mitt romney will make more stopped in ohio today. a recent poll shows the president leading mitt romney, 51% to 47 $ with ohio voters. both candidates for vice president preparing for tomorrow night's debate in kentucky which starts at 9:00. you can watch that right here on abc 7. we invite you to log onto from your smartphone to give us your instant reaction. >> the first lady stopped in leesburg virginia. a woman in the audience fainted. >> are we could right there? we got somebody down right here. we're coming. help is on the way. [applause] here is the trick stand up -- you gotta bend those knees. >> the woman turned out to be ok. mrs. obama was able to continue his speech. consumer news -- the airbag in your car may be a counterfeit. >> there is a massive recall from taiba. -- toyota. >> we have toyota recalling nearly 2.5 million vehicles in the u.s. and 7 million globally. because of problems of the master power windows which in more than 12 models that includes tundras and rav 4s that could result in smoke or even fire. thousands
. president obama travels to colorado today. >> mitt romney will appear in nevada and iowa. an idea of hummable watched the third and final debate on monday -- just shy of 60 million viewers tune in, the smallest audience of the debates by comparison. 10.7 million people watched monday night football. 8.1 million people turned in for game seven of the nlcs between the giants and cardinals. >> the presidential nominees will be making appearances next month -- this is according to sports business daily, who says both campaigns to make the final bush -- push for voters during the game on nov. 5 , one day before the election. both campaigns expressed interest in appearing on espn 's morning radio show. >> mitt romney's son tagg has apologized to the president after saying he wanted to take a swing at him. during the final debate, his son walked onstage, shook hands, and talked with the president. >> business news -- it could be a good date for facebook shareholders. >> linda bell joins us from bloomberg in new york now. >> good morning. let's talk about yesterday. a suit plunge for the
never met donald trump. >> that was a pretty good one minor. mitt romney will hold campaign events today in all highfill. lyon will attend rallies in virginia and charlottesville and bristow. >> microsoft's new tablets is good enough to take on the ipad greg. it's investors take a bite out of apple as it reports earnings. linda bell joins us from bloomberg headquarters. >> a highly anticipated report from apple. it is the world's largest company, valued at $575 billion. it will report clquarterly earnings after the closing bell today. microsoft has its new tablets. the company will not say how many applications are available for it. sources say that facebook did not create an application for microsoft. new census data reveals a young adults aged 25 through 29 are leaving college towns or their parents' homes and heading out of state. there are testing out portland, seattle, austin, which have growing technology industries. chipotle mexican grill is considering breakfast items. that story and more coming up in the next hour. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> 4:38 right now, 60 degre
election day. romney prepares to debate and paul ryan is hitting campaign trail with stops in ohio and his home state of .isconsin everyone is excited to see him. him at as greeted for tommyng event thompson. they are opposing ryan's plan cut some of medicare. in indiana someone builds a sign that shows a caricature the with the devil horns. president obama is spending williamsburg, preparing for tomorrow's debate. but as president biden's campaign later today in reno and las vegas. the job market continues to open veterans.itary big job cuts happening in the industry. >> let's get to ellen braitman .nd linda bell electronics suffering. pc demand is waning. cuts are set to happen in the next few weeks. looking companies are to hire, and especially the younger military veterans. morgan and lockheed martin of hiring 100,000 veterans by 2020. general electric is expected to announce its plan to hire later on today. microsoft is rolling out a music week.e this and a japanese company is a huge stake in sprint. stories in the next hour. , ellen braitman at bloomberg headquarters in new york. >>
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